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Jewellery Care

The piece that attracted you is determined for you, and will protect you. Cherish it and treat it with care. The best way to do this, is to keep it away from water, firstly from salty sea water and chlorinated pool water. Please take them off before going to shower and going to bed, to protect them from rubbing. Keep the pieces away from activities that make you move and sweat a lot. When you're not wearing your pieces, please store them in an airtight vessel, to prevent tarnishing. Clean only with soft silver cleaning cloths, so that they retain their shine and do not become mat or scratched. The same goes for the gemstones and pearls, these products of nature are vulnerable, and also do not tolerate chemicals such as hairspray, nail polish remover or makeup. The gems and pearls have a healing and protective effect that you may recharge from time to time by placing them in the moonlight for a few hours especially on a full moon night.